Sunday, May 25, 2008

Going to the Lake

It was Friday Family Fun Night, and we were near Lake St. Clair, so we decided to stop at a park with Kendyll. This was her first time seeing a lake close up and lately, Kendyll has been OBSESSED with water. First, let me say, that St. Clair Shores is very stingy with the way it let's people access the lake. In order to get in any park, you have to be a resident... so that was out of the question. We kept driving up Jefferson, and Robert saw this little park open to anyone in Harrison Township. When we first got out of the car, a couple was leaving with their fish that they caught. The women wanted Kendyll to see the fish, and she was excited about it. Then we ventured out onto the boardwalk... it was quite cool there... that's why Kendyll is wearing her hood. Of course she was more happy to see the park than the water. We had a great time sharing this experience with her.

As Kendyll would say... "Keek-a-boo!"
At first, Kendyll didn't realize what sand was and kept saying, "Dirty Momma, Dirty." Then we told her what it was, and boy, did she have fun with that!

Don't we look great on this slide? It was a tight squeeze but we made it!

Kendyll was fussing in the car because she didn't want to leave... what's new? But as soon as Robert put the camera on her, it was all, "CHEESE!!!!"

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Wolo Girlz Mom said...

What a cute family!!! Love the hood :)