Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Come here birdies

Since Dada was painting the shed, and the weather was finally reasonable, we went outside to play tonight. No matter how many times she was told not to go near the shed because the paint was wet, Kendyll managed to find a reason to wander over to it. So finally, I took her to the front yard where she actually stayed. Go figure! I tried to plant some flowers that my parents gave me for Mother's Day, but didn't get very far... Kendyll had no patience for it. That surprised me because she loves digging with her shovel. Well, I did succeed in planting four flowers, and after we watered them, Kendyll decided to try to catch some birdies in the pitcher... yes, you read it right, she tried to catch birdies. She was soooo cute. She would creep up under our trees where the robins and sparrows hang out, and in her cute little voice she would say, "Come here, birdies. Come here birdies." Unfortunately, the birdies were not cooperating.

Isn't God great? I caught this small rainbow up in the sky tonight as we played outside. It would disappear and then reappear. Kendyll kept saying rainbow, rainbow, but we thought she was saying people, people. Then we finally noticed the rainbow. What an awesome sight!
Robert took this picture of us before we headed up for "night night" time. Kendyll will freely kiss her Dada goodnight, but when I ask for a kiss, forget about it. She also made me kiss Dada goodnight too, and then she wanted to kiss him once more... the nerve!

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