Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Tonight, Robert started playing peek-a-boo, or as Kendyll says, "keek-a-boo", and she had a BLAST! They would run and hide from each other, wait a while, and then search each other out. It usually ended in a squeal of delight from Kendyll. When she would hide, she would say "shhh..." then slowly creep out to find Robert. Below you'll see her final, creative hiding place. Can you spot her????How cute is this picture??? It isn't related to the above pic, but I wanted to post it because it is absolutely adorable. Kendyll and Mimi were playing behind her couch on Memorial Day when I caught this candid shot. Usually when Kendyll sees a camera, she turns away, but this time, I was lucky!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Taylor is 12!

Happy Birthday, Taylor! I forgot to publish this post yesterday, Taylor's actual birthday. Sorry! Kendyll goes to Maggie's house on Mondays and Fridays while I go to work. Well, when I picked her up on Friday, she wasn't thrilled to be leaving, especially since "Tay-Tay" was home from school AND playing with her outside. As we drove away, Kendyll was saying, "Dendyll's Tay-Tay, Dendyll's Tay-Tay." She sure does love her Tay-Tay!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Going to the Lake

It was Friday Family Fun Night, and we were near Lake St. Clair, so we decided to stop at a park with Kendyll. This was her first time seeing a lake close up and lately, Kendyll has been OBSESSED with water. First, let me say, that St. Clair Shores is very stingy with the way it let's people access the lake. In order to get in any park, you have to be a resident... so that was out of the question. We kept driving up Jefferson, and Robert saw this little park open to anyone in Harrison Township. When we first got out of the car, a couple was leaving with their fish that they caught. The women wanted Kendyll to see the fish, and she was excited about it. Then we ventured out onto the boardwalk... it was quite cool there... that's why Kendyll is wearing her hood. Of course she was more happy to see the park than the water. We had a great time sharing this experience with her.

As Kendyll would say... "Keek-a-boo!"
At first, Kendyll didn't realize what sand was and kept saying, "Dirty Momma, Dirty." Then we told her what it was, and boy, did she have fun with that!

Don't we look great on this slide? It was a tight squeeze but we made it!

Kendyll was fussing in the car because she didn't want to leave... what's new? But as soon as Robert put the camera on her, it was all, "CHEESE!!!!"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Under the Weather

Kendyll is heading out the door to see Dr. Ewles, her favorite pediatrician. She looks so excited in this picture, complete with her frog purse. She has no idea of what is in store for her. She's been under the weather lately, and will be undergoing some further tests in the near future. Everything is probably okay, but the doctor just wants to make sure. Please don't take my picture! "No Momma, No!"

I said, "No!"

Last night we ate dinner in a new way... picnic style! Kendyll and Robert planted themselves on the floor in order to enjoy the delicious dinner he had prepared for us. Of course, being the picky eater that she is, Kendyll only ate chicken nuggets... six of them! That's a lot for her. After she finished the sixth one, she actually wanted more, but I cut her off. She was excited about the rice, and used to eat it before, but didn't even touch it. Oh wait, she did touch it... she spilled it on the floor.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Green Toenails

Today I painted Kendyll's toenails for the first time. She was really excited about it because she has been fascinated by my black painted toenails. She sat right on the bed, ready for action, until I approached her with the brush. Then she was a little anxious... but I told her it didn't hurt and she was okay with that. I tried to get a decent picture but... you know how that goes... trying to get a 2 year old to sit/stand in one place. As you can see in the picture, one toenail is already smeared because she doesn't have patience. You'll also notice some white powder on her feet. Kendyll had already opened the linen closet, grabbed the foot powder, and applied it (very liberally) to herself. I told you she LOVES that stuff. Oh, and I had to paint my toenails green and put on foot powder too!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Frank is 36!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Frank. I love you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Come here birdies

Since Dada was painting the shed, and the weather was finally reasonable, we went outside to play tonight. No matter how many times she was told not to go near the shed because the paint was wet, Kendyll managed to find a reason to wander over to it. So finally, I took her to the front yard where she actually stayed. Go figure! I tried to plant some flowers that my parents gave me for Mother's Day, but didn't get very far... Kendyll had no patience for it. That surprised me because she loves digging with her shovel. Well, I did succeed in planting four flowers, and after we watered them, Kendyll decided to try to catch some birdies in the pitcher... yes, you read it right, she tried to catch birdies. She was soooo cute. She would creep up under our trees where the robins and sparrows hang out, and in her cute little voice she would say, "Come here, birdies. Come here birdies." Unfortunately, the birdies were not cooperating.

Isn't God great? I caught this small rainbow up in the sky tonight as we played outside. It would disappear and then reappear. Kendyll kept saying rainbow, rainbow, but we thought she was saying people, people. Then we finally noticed the rainbow. What an awesome sight!
Robert took this picture of us before we headed up for "night night" time. Kendyll will freely kiss her Dada goodnight, but when I ask for a kiss, forget about it. She also made me kiss Dada goodnight too, and then she wanted to kiss him once more... the nerve!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
Real mothers don't eat quiche; they don't have time to make it.
Real mothers know that their kitchen utensils are probably in the bathtub.
Real mothers often have sticky floors, filthy ovens, and happy kids.
Real mothers don't want to know what the vacuum just sucked up.
Real mothers sometimes ask, "Why me?" and get their answer when a little voice says,"Because I love you best."
Real mothers know that a child's growth is not measured by height or years or grade... it is marked by the progression of Mama to Mom to Mother...

4 years of age~ My mommy can do anything!
8 years of age~ My mom knows a lot! A whole lot!
12 years of age~ My mother doesn't really know quite everything.
16 years of age~ Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned.
18 years of age~ That old woman? She's way out of date!
25 years of age~ Well, she might know a little bit about it.
35 years of age~ Before we decide, let's get mom's opinion.
45 years of age~ Wonder what mom would have thought about it?
65 years of age~ Wish I could talk it over with mom.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, mother-in-law, Maggie, and all my girlfriends who are moms!
You are terrific women and I am truly grateful to have you in my life!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Tonight we celebrated my birthday and Frank's upcoming birthday. My mom prepared a wonderful dinner, actually breakfast. It took three days to make everything for us and it was SCRUMPTIOUS!!! And I really mean that. She had breakfast casserole, french toast complete with strawberries (and whip cream that was accidentally forgotten in the fridge), bacon, hash browns, an apple pancake creation, homemade chocolate chip muffins, oatmeal banana muffins, and applesauce muffins. I hope I didn't forget anything. I was fortunate enough to come home with four chocolate chip muffins. Maggie brought a delicious whale shaped cake from Carvels.
As far as presents, my parents gave me Season 7 of King of Queens and a generous gift of money. Frank, Maggie, and the girls gave me a gift card to Parisian. Can't wait to spend that! Kendyll carried my gift bag around afterward and called it her purse. She collected some odds and ends in it too. She didn't eat much again as that is what usually happens when we all get together. We stayed a little later after Frank and family left to finish watching the Red Wings playoff game (GO WINGS!), and my mom tried to get Kendyll to eat some grilled cheese, but she only took a few bites. Then she made her a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which she let Kendyll take into the great room. My dad does NOT want her to eat in any room besides the kitchen. Well, a little dab of jelly found it's way on to the beige carpet, and my mom tried to wipe it up before he saw her, but she wasn't fast enough. Graciously, he didn't say anything.
We had a wonderful, family filled evening!
Isn't this adorable? Kendyll and Papa had been looking at a rabbit outside when I caught them at the perfect time. Love the bald head!
Kendyll just had to have some juice out of this cool frog cup that Mimi and Papa bought her!

This is what Kendyll looked like when we arrived home at 10 p.m. What a TRIP!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kendyll's 2 Year Photos

We once again took Kendyll to Sears to have her pictures taken on her actual birthday, just like last year. Everything was going well, she was playing with that bead toy thingy (don't know the technical term) where you move the beads around a wire maze and watching Nemo. Then, our name was called. You would have thought we were at the doctor's office for a check-up from her reaction. After the whining and whimpering, we were actually able to get a few beautiful photos. You can see a tear in the first photo, but that's not from crying. Sometimes she has a tear in that eye which I should talk to the doctor about. The very last photo is her "cheese" shot. She loves saying, "Cheese" when someone takes her picture so I had to show that one off!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pictures From the Past Month

Here are some pictures of Kendyll from the past month...

She loves playing in the linen closet. I always have to sprinkle foot powder on her.

Kendyll is wearing a dress that I used to wear when I was her age.

Helping Momma in the yard

Doing some more digging...

Kendyll and Mimi at church on Easter Sunday (I love this picture)

Kendyll Is Two

It's hard to believe that Kendyll is two now. We celebrated her birthday a few weeks back with family. She had a ball with everyone... she never knows who to go to or play with first when we are all together. Kendyll just loves her Mimi to death, but also had to find time to spend with Auntie Maggie, Taylor, and Meemaw (Robert's mom). Of course, she didn't eat her cake again, just like on her first birthday. Here are a few pictures from her big day.

She was so excited about her candle that the next day we had to keep lighting it so she could blow it out again.

I thought kids at two were done playing with boxes!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My First Entry

I have been interested in starting a blog for Kendyll to keep others updated on her wild adventures. About a couple of months ago, I came across some real inspirational blogs that really caught my eye, and I thought, hey, I can do that! So here I go... I can't promise too much, but will try my best to share some wonderful stories about the life of a busy, and I mean busy, 2 year old. The only pitfall that I see ahead of me is downloading pictures, as we are not quite on top of that. I looked in our files, and the last known pictures in the computer were from December. YIKES! All other pictures are still in the camera so Robert will once again have to "school" me on how to download them... I'm sure that it is not too difficult. The difficult part will be remembering to actually do it.

Now that the weather has broken, she spends a lot of time outside, but mainly she hangs out in our new one car garage, I mean shed. Robert is finishing up a new shed and it is huge. He has really done a great job with it. Kendyll gets so excited about it, that as we turn down our street each day, she starts chanting,"Shed, shed, shed..." in the back seat. Too much!

Well, I'll leave you all with my favorite scripture that has meant a lot to me...

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5,6