Sunday, February 20, 2011

Michigan Snow

These pictures are from our first major snowfall this year... January 2011.

Our Valentine Celebration... A Little Late

This year for Valentine's Day, we made our own pizzas, heart shaped of course!  Well two out of three were at least.  The third one was a rectangle.  I'll tell you... it's a little difficult to shape the dough into a heart.  After we dined on our pizza, we had some Coldstone cake.  YUMM-O!  It was chocolate ice cream with red velvet cake.  D-VINE!  I only have two pictures of Kendyll with the pizzas...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Children's Museum

I had today off because of President's Day weekend... so Kendyll and I ventured off to the Children's Museum in Detroit.  We had a great time.  Her favorite part was planetarium, although she acted afraid the whole time.  We'll definitely go back soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tennessee Part 3

Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum
Standing by gum wrappers that were linked together to form this HUGE rug!  (in honor of Mimi, who has some from her high school days)

Standing by the world's tallest man!

Sitting in the world's largest chair

Kendyll's hand compared to the largest!
The Titanic Museum...
This was one of Kendyll's favorite stops.  Cameras were not allowed inside, unfortunately.  We each were given the name of a passenger, upon boarding the Titanic.  We learned a lot of information and saw a lot of artifacts.  We even experienced the iceberg!  Boy, was it COLD!  At the end of the tour, we found out if our passengers survived... and we all did!  I would recommend this to everyone.

Funnell cakes... our addiction!!!

Hot tub time!

The day that we swam in the pool, we were the only ones there... and it was wonderful. 
 It was nestled in the mountains, so peaceful.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tennessee Part 2, Ripley's Aquarium

 Enjoying the underwater view...

 Popping up in an aquarium to get a closer look at the clown fish, AKA, Nemo!

 Trying on a dive suit

 Look at the sizeof that crab!

 At the Penguin Playhouse
 One of my favorite pictures!!!

Kendyll and Robert on the bridge outside of the aquarium.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tennessee, part 1

The view from our cabin


Kendyll's room at the cabin.  She was so excited to have a t.v. in her room.

All tuckered out in the car


Wonderworks... and upside down interactive museum

Getting ready to experience huricane force winds

It's a little windy in here!!!!

Is it over yet????

Making HUGE bubbles

A giant piano that really worked!

On the train for putt putt golf fun!  This was one thing that Kendyll just HAD to do!

Posing in the mouth of a shark... should have posted a better pic.

Howdy partner!

Kendyll's favorite treat there...
 How do you get a four year old excited?  Tell her that you are going on vacation.  Kendyll was so excited to go on vacation to Tennessee, where we rented a cabin for a few days.  We broke the 10 hour drive up into two days, and stayed at a hotel in Kentucky for a night.  She was just as excited to stay in a hotel.