Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our 9th Wedding Anniversary

On Thursday, July 24th, we celebrated 9 years of bliss! We always go to the same restaurant every year in Fair Haven. It's the one that we ate at after Robert proposed so it's sentimental to us. This year we had a "third wheel"... hee, hee! Seriously, we didn't mind having our wonderful daughter with us. We would have talked about her anyway... now she just gave us more to discuss. We dined on burgers, chicken strips, french fries, and onion rings. I know, exotic stuff! Afterwards, we walked down to the water's edge for some pictures.

Here's Kendyll posing by the HUGE anchor. I'm sure she's saying, "CHEESE!"

As we walked along the water, this mother swan and her baby kept following us, probably assuming that we were going to feed them. I went back to the car and got out a couple bags of crackers. Kendyll just loved feeding them, and so did I, until the daddy swan came along. He started hissing at us, so I decided that feeding time was over, and we high-tailed it outta there!After dinner, we drove down to New Baltimore to treat ourselves to frozen custard... yum! We ordered up a couple of cones and a blizzard-like concoction (for Robert) and sat down to eat. But...Kendyll could hardly contain herself when she saw the "park". We told her that she needed to eat her ice cream (custard) first before going on the slide. She quickly licked her cone a few times and told me she was all done. Isn't that surprising??? The child who makes and sells imaginary ice cream cones ditches her first love for the "park"!

We had a great evening, and what made it better was spending it with Kendyll.

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