Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

Today we went to my parent's house, where we celebrated the Fourth of July with Mimi, Papa, Meemaw, Maggie, Frank, Taylor, Kylie, and Bob and Ellen, my parent's neighbors. We had a wonderful BBQ that filled us up. Many of us couldn't believe how much we had eaten. Maggie's yummies were to DIE for! I know that I will dream about them tonight. Anyway... after eating, Frank and I started talking about how we used to play Jarts as kids and how my dad still had them, original box and all. My dad dug them out of the garage and the guys played first. Then my mom, Taylor, Frank, and I played a round. Next came the all girl game of Maggie, Taylor, my mom, and myself. But I have to tell you that Maggie had to be coaxed into playing, as she was very reluctant. So on her first toss, all you hear is metal banging, and lo and behold she had scored! Only it was in the downspout!!! We were all laughing hysterically, except my dad, who then decided to tell stories about how we could never have anything nice as kids because we always wrecked them (I think it was mostly Frank... remember the Lumina???) We finally got ourselves together and finished the game. Taylor and I lost... barely... and actually, Maggie threw the winning Jart.

Since Taylor had just gotten back from camp, she wanted to play some games that she learned there. What happened next was hilarious, but my storytelling can't do it justice. We played a game called questions, where you sit in a circle and ask the person next to you a question. But you don't answer the question, only continue asking a question to the person next to you. If you laugh or take too long to ask, you are out. Meemaw was funny as she kept answering the questions. One of Ellen's questions was, "Do flies have butts?" So you can imagine what some of the other silly questions were. The night was capped off with fireworks, and we made it home around 11:30. Kendyll went down like a ton of bricks, but I'm sure she will be up at the crack of dawn.

Here is the carnage left by Maggie's Jart:
This is what happened next: What would Kendyll do without her "Tay-Tay"??? Doing the Macarena... all right! Kendyll, with Taylor's help, created this gorgeous visor. Watching the fireworks put on by a resident of Clinton Township... they were SPECTACULAR!

This was Papa and Kendyll a year ago on the Fourth of July. She only then started to let Papa or any "boy" hold her so this picture is priceless to us. And now... (obviously, she didn't cooperate after 4 tries). What a difference a year makes!


Wolo Girlz Mom said...

Gotta love "my picture"! And all of the festivities sounded like fun as well. Too bad we left when all of the fun started. Story of our lives...will it ever change??? Doubt it! Oh well :)

The eggs did not get the best of the house...thank goodness! lol

Diana Woloszyk said...

Thanks for sharing the 4th of July memories. Love the fotos. Can Maggie top this next year? HMMMM