Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Mall

We spent the day with our beloved Mimi. After helping her walk Rex, we ventured over to one of Kendyll's favorite places, Partridge Creek. She loves this outdoor mall. Mimi treated us to pretzel hot dogs and lemonade, and afterwards, we bought some cookies with sprinkles on them, per Kendyll's request. We made our way down to the play area that Kendyll had patiently waited to conquer. My free-spirited child did not hesitate to go full force on the fruits and veggies. The only one that she stayed away from was the peas (hmmm... is she taking after her mother).

Who knew that these neat little fountains were for kids to run through??? Hee hee! The last time we were at the mall, there were a few kids in bathing suits playing here. Never would have thought it??? As we were strolling back to Parisian, Kendyll wanted to go near the water. Dare I let her out of the stroller? Mimi got me to let her out and see what she would do. Well, what she did was have a blast... with her clothes on! Mind you, this is the same child that would not run through a tiny sprinkler at Mimi's house if one of us wasn't running and holding her hand too! I was quite impressed with my little daredevil. Look at how much fun she's having...

Soaking wet... and LOVING IT!!!

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Diana Woloszyk said...

What a fun time!!! :0) Kendyll had such joy running through the water. And getting wet was the best part!! Love you!!!