Monday, June 9, 2008

Refreshing Water

We finally broke out the kiddie pool the other day because we have been in the high 90s for a few days. Mimi and Papa bought Kendyll this cool wading pool for her birthday (actually, they gave her a slip n slide first... but that is a whole other hilarious story). This pool has sprinklers and blow-up features. Unfortunately, you can't see the blow-ups in these photos because I couldn't find the attachments for the air pump (they are blown up now). But Kendyll still enjoyed the pool anyway. She, of course, did not look at the camera because she's two, and they don't act on command. She had a BLAST!!! We spiced it up by adding her "whee" to the pool... that's what she calls the slide. The water was freezing cold, but refreshing on this scorching day. Don't mind the mess around the pool... that's leftover from the building of the shed and has been gradually making its exit from our yard. Enjoy the pictures below!


Diana Woloszyk said...

Love the photos, especially the "whee" ones. Love you!

Kelly said...

Hey mama!

I just had to leave a comment because 1.) Kendyll is one of my favorite names and your little Kendyll is absolutely precious!!

...and 2.) our daughter Grace also calls a slide a whee! She screams, "WHEEEE!" when we pass the park, and it's a sad thing if we're taking a walk around town at night and someone's inside sleeping but has a swingset with a slide in their backyard. ;o)

Have a very blessed weekend!