Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Been A While...

Welcome back to Kendyll's Korner! It's has been months since I have updated. Why? Well I found myself using the computer more and more each night, losing sleep, taking time away from a very important little person. After I would update the blog, I would read other blogs, and some more blogs, etc. until I realized that hours would be gone. So I imposed a "sabatical" on myself for a while. Then both of our computers were stricken with viruses and had to be "hospitalized". Mine is still not functioning and I am now relegated to Robert's. Hopefully mine will be up and running soon. In the meantime, I have posted a few pics of my sweetheart. It's amazing how much she has grown in the last few months...

She is into imaginative play. There are bears coming for our blueberries, thanks to Dora and Mimi. We also have sharks swimming in our house, and our safe spot is our rug "island" in the kitchen. I am also Kendyll's "best friend". Okay, here's a funny story about that. Last night, I went to visit Tracy and her newborn baby girl in the hospital (no name yet...). I got home at 7ish. The minute I walk in the door, I yell "Kendyll" and she comes running and greets me with a huge hug, then returns to her daddy and tells him, "You're not my best friend anymore!" Too funny! She is totally a mommy's girl!

Well... here are the "new" pics. Enjoy!

We are going to start a family tradition of making a gingerbread house every year. Kendyll had such a fun time doing this, as did her daddy and I. Look at her focus and concentration! Although I have to admit afterwards she was on a sugar high. She kept eating the frosting directly from the jar... so you can only imagine!

Kendyll and Momma working diligently!

Kendyll and Daddy working on the house.

The finished masterpiece! She could hardly wait to eat it. What do you want from a 2 year old!?! So we put a sticker on the calendar so she would know when the feast could take place. Then daily, we would make "marks" on the calendar to tell when the special day would arrive. We took it to Mimi and Papa's to share with everyone. It was delicious!


Early in December, we took Kendyll on the Polar Express, an event held by the parks and rec department. This is one of her favorite movies that we had to watch over, and over, and over. It was absolutely cold the night we went for our trip. We stood in line with much anticipation and cookies and most importantly, hot chocolate! After we boarded the train, we listened to the story being read with Rudolf walked around with storybook. Then Santa made his grand entrance! We then sang carols together, and Santa handed out gifts to all the children. Kendyll had a wonderful time and still talks about her experience on the Polar Express.

Kendyll got the first silver bell from Santa after the reading of the Polar Express. She was absolutely thrilled!!! And she can hear it ring!

Posing with Frosty the snowman...

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