Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally, A Big Girl Bed

The time had finally arrived... we had to let Kendyll get a "big girl" bed. Our poor girl, still sleeping in a crib. Part of me was keeping her in there for selfish reasons. I didn't want to admit that my baby wasn't a baby anymore. She was growing up. The other part of me didn't want her in a big bed because she would have new found freedom. Freedom to roam the house. But I needed to be fair to her so on Friday, the 23rd, I had Robert put her bed together. Earlier in the week, Kendyll and I shopped together, and I let her pick out what bedding she wanted. Because she would be in a full size bed, there really wasn't much out there for kids to choose from. Luckily, she found a princess comforter at Target. We snatched it up, along with some sheets, a bed skirt, and a princess pillow. She only really picked this set because she absolutely LOVES Sleeping Beauty. She's pink afterall, Kendyll's favorite color. We didn't let her know that Robert was putting the bed up for her. As a way to get her to leave Auntie Maggie's that day (because she NEVER wants to leave, go figure!), I told her that a surprise was waiting at home for her. She asked me if I would help her unwrap it... too funny! When we got home, Robert went into her bedroom to capture her reaction (on our camcorder and camera) when she saw her bed for the first time. Her reaction was priceless... it was totally worth it! She hopped on that bed right away, and began jumping up and down, yelling, "My big girl bed! My big girl bed!" Then she would run over to the top of the stairs and shout, "Hey everybody, I got my big girl bed!" Still not sure who she was telling, but that was hilarious. She had to call Mimi and Auntie Maggie and tell them about her surprise. For the entire weekend, we had to keep going upstairs to look at her bed. She is so proud of it!

Here is a picture of her crib before Robert transformed it into the "big girl" bed... looking at it still makes me tear up!
The fun is just beginning...

We actually got her to sit still for a moment and pose for a picture.
Look at how excited she is...
Enjoying her bed...

So far Kendyll has been following the "big girl" bed rules: no jumping on it at bedtime, do not get out of bed, when you wake up call for momma, and you can not call for momma unless it is daylight out. One incident to report. Early Monday morning, at 4:30, Kendyll was calling for me. "MOMMA" I heard through the monitor.

I race to her door and say, "What's the matter?"

"HELP!" she screams.

"Where are you?"

"I stuck!"

I run over to her bed and she somehow managed to get herself turned around in the middle of the night. Her head is down at the end of her bed, stuck under her covers because the side rails have her covers tight on each side of the bed. I pull back the comforter, and only see her feet kicking to get out. After I pulled her out, she told me that she was "hiding" (not sure why) and she got stuck down there. That night I was a little worried about putting her to bed, but she wasn't afraied of getting stuck again. Phew! Crisis averted.

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Wolo Girlz Mom said...

FINALLY pictures! Hooray :) I love the Big Girl Bed. It is awesome. Maybe when she comes here she will NOT want to go in the pack n play. Something else I can put away. Yay.
I am happy I got to see her in the bed. She looks happy!!!!